Has Anyone Tried Alli Pills?

I have been looking into trying Alli pills. I have been doing some research to see if it would be effective. I have read a lot about the gastrointestinal side effects, including constantly having to go to the bathroom, or oily anal leakage. A lot of reviews that I have read, said that they only get those bad side effects if they go over their alllowed fat grams per meal.

They said that it was kind of a good incentive to not eat outside of your allowed fat grams or else you are “punished” with those bad sie effects. i kind of thought the same thing. I have a hard time sticking with diets because it’s so easy and gratifying to just eat what I want to eat. A lot of times I just eat something without thinking and forget what things i ate, then later am cursing myself that I forgot about my diet. I would like to hear what people’s first hand experiences are with Alli, how unbearable the sie effects were, if the side effects were a result of “cheating” on the diet, and how effective Alli was for you. Thanks!!

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