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Heart Health


Nicknamed the Tomato Pill Ateronon is currently the only natural supplement which can has been proven to stop the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Reducing LDL cholesterol lowers you chance  suffering from strokes, heart disease, angina and blood clots

Weight Management

xls-medicalXLS Medical

Lose 3 time as much weight compared to dieting alone with the fat binder XLS Medical. It is made up of a completely natural formulation no side effects are rare. Used in conjunction with a low fat diet these supplements are very effective. Currently the most popular weight loss supplement on the market in the UK.

lipobind packLIPObind

If you are worried that the amount of fatty foods that you eat is preventing you from losing weight, Lipobind may be the weight management tool you have been looking for. By reducing the amount of fat you body absorbs from food it is suited to those who enjoy a high fat diet and find it hard to cut back on the food they enjoy.

decarb packDEcarb

If your meals are rich in carbs such as bread and pasta and you would like an easy way to reduce your calorie intake Decarb (a new carbohydtare blocker) may be an effective way to achieve it. Decarb blocks 66% of the carbohydrates you consume, lowing your calorie intake from carb rich meals.